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reigleMatt Reigle has more than two decades of experience working in the field of administration across an array of industries, including the insurance sector, financial services and healthcare. His experience in healthcare administration is prolific – he has worked at more than 75 hospitals across the U.S. He currently serves as an administrator at the Orthopedic Institute, Hackensack University Medical Center.  He specializes in customer experience design, strategy development, service line implementation and management consulting.

Reigle began his career after earning his bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and Master of Business Administration from Columbia University’s Business School. After a position with S.C. Johnson, he served as a program director at the Customer Group and then director at Marshall Steel and Associates, a boutique healthcare service line implementation consulting firm. After serving as director, Reigle was promoted to the position of vice president, where he oversaw all sales and marketing operations for the company. After two years as the owner and principal of Resultant Healthcare, a company that designs service lines, he assumed his current position as administrator at the Orthopedic Institute, Hackensack University Medical Center.

He has extensive professional experience working as a consultant, helping businesses to design successful and high-performing customer-based service lines. He helps organizations develop operational strategies that can compete and last in the face of growing competition. At the Orthopedic Institute, Reigle has spearheaded efforts to use data across the organization to provide more effective and evidence-based orthopedic care.