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It’s been a year of changes for orthopedics in 2016. The industry continues to shift rapidly. Here are the top 10 links people were clicking on within OrthoServiceLine.com:

1. Top 10 Ways to Prepare for the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model and the Inevitable Bundled Payment Mandate
This news article from the Camden Group gives good advice on tackling CJR. Medicare’s announcement did send orthopedic teams scrambling to comply, so it makes sense that this topic gained the number one spot.

2. Free Webinar: Using Patient Navigation in an Orthopedic Service Line to Drive Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction
This webinar with the team at Virtua Joint Replacement Institute shows how they leverage patient navigation to scale an orthopedic program efficiently while maintaining high outcomes and keeping patients happy.

3. Do it like Disney: Developing Orthopedic Centers of Excellence
The Annual NAON Conference descended on Disney World this year. This article shows what lessons can be taken from Mickey to improve orthopedic performance.

4. What’s Your Orthopedic Patient Navigation Strategy?
Patient navigation and care coordination has become a hot topic with the advancement of bundled payments. New nurse navigator hires continue to fill up the orthopedic job boards. Watch this area for future growth.

5. Free Webinar – Registry Participation 101: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding What You Really Need to Know from AJRR
AJRR has grown to more than 800 hospital members across the U.S. The industry’s continual focus on outcomes will drive more participation in registries for the benefit of all.

6. Medicare’s Mandated Orthopedic Bundle: Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR)
The announcement that stunned the industry occurred in July 2015. However, this article still got a lot of clicks this year while hospitals prepared to take on risk in year 2.

7. Winter is Coming, and So Is Outpatient Joint Replacement
As the length of stay continues to shrink for joint replacement, Medicare is testing to see if the procedure can be removed from the “inpatient only” list. Progressive surgeons are pushing for outpatient procedures in their ASCs. Watch for this trend to continue to accelerate.

8. Free Webinar – Managing outcomes and utilization in your TJR bundle: Lessons from FORCE-TJR
This webinar with the team from UMass featured how PRO data capture fits in to bundles strategy.

9. Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Cheat Sheet
Who doesn’t love a cheat sheet? Don’t worry, I won’t tell the teacher. This handy guide from Sheldon Hamburger gives you the quick details you need to know about how CJR works.

10. Free Webinar – Using the Perioperative Surgical Home as a Model to Implement CJR
Innovator and thought leader Dr. Zeev Kain presented this webinar on the new model of care called the Perioperative Surgical Home and how it can help CJR bundles. He’s put together a great conference next month in Newport Beach on the subject, check out the details here.

What would you like to see resources on in 2017? Write to me at ortho@wellbe.me and let me know. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!