An exciting new conference is coming to Newport Beach, California in January 2017. Attendees can be part of a groundbreaking “immersion weekend” that brings together hospital executives and clinicians who are involved in the care of the orthopedic patient.

The “Interdisciplinary Conference on Orthopedic Value-Based Care” will focus on orthopedic bundled payments, Perioperative Surgical Home and Enhanced Recovery, and the team approach critical to success. This multidisciplinary conference strives to gather ALL healthcare providers and administrators who are involved in the episode of care of an orthopedic patient.

I saw down with the conference creator, Dr. Zeev Kain, to get his perspective on the event:

Editor: Who is this conference for?

Dr. Kain: The conference is for the entire “circle of care” of an orthopedic patient. This includes nurses, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, hospitalists, hospital executives, consultants and others.

Editor: Why is an anesthesiologist putting on an ortho conference?

Dr. Kain: I am a visionary healthcare executive who happens to be trained in anesthesiology and pediatrics. Throughout my work as the CMO and Associate Dean for Clinical Operations at UC Irvine Health, I realize the need for new innovative models such as the Perioperative Surgical Home for Joint Replacement Surgery. Because of the need to focus on a TEAM, I have established a new society, the American College of Perioperative Medicine (ACPM) that is inclusive to ALL healthcare providers and executives.

Editor: How can periop teams achieve more by working together with ortho surgeons/leaders rather than alone?

Dr. Kain: Where do we start? Healthcare is complex and the new bundle payments are bringing everyone to the table. You may not like value-based-care, but it does push all of us to think differently on our work as a team. One can do an amazing job in the OR, but the patient may be re-admitted to the hospital because of uncontrolled pain or hypertension. It’s up to the TEAM to optimize the patient preoperatively and stream the care postoperatively.

Editor: Why should people prioritize attendance at this conference over others?

Dr. Kain: This is the first event of its kind that brings the entire TEAM to one conference. When was the last conference where you had surgeons, nursing, anesthesiologists and hospital executives share a drink at the end of the day? This conference and the ACPM aim to break the barriers between all clinicians as well as hospital demonstrators.

See the full agenda and register with the discount code “OSL” here.